During our 2014 Summer session at MIT Academy of Healthy Living we will learn how your feelings can affect everything. As a teen you're probably going through changes. This site will lead you to resources that may help you better understand what is going on in your body, mind and life! 

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In class  I asked Gabriel to make a Cooty Catcher to illustrate a complicated graph in our textbook that explained levels of stress for teens. Gabriel developed this game. BRILLIANT!


I will place your answers to questions related to health here.  You can "shout out" here -

Tell your classmates  what you think!      -Ms. Hollyman


First Question: what is self-esteem? 


I'm Ms Hollyman and will be leading you through MIT Academy's Summer Session of Healthy Living. I am not a psychologist. If you are having problems I recoomend you ask your parents tohelp you  seek professional help or go to the "Reach Out"  tab on this website.  

stop talking
And Breathe Deeply. 

Did you know that people who think positively often do better in life? That's what some say anyway. It's certainly worth exploring, don't you think? After all, you are attending an amazing charter school that's located where? 


2 Positive Place.


Get it? 




So let's get on board!


Read this article from Teen Health on 3 ways to increase your positive thinking.  


-Ms. Hollyman


"Self-esteem: The way you think about yourself. :)"


"How you describe yourself."

-Juoanna A. 



"The way you feel about yourself

and how other people make you feel. "




"The way you see yourself."




Video: Teenagers and Stress
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What do you like about Yourself?
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MIt Academy Student slideshow: What do you like best about yourself?

In our Healthy Living Class, students made boxes on which they illustrated the personal  qualities of which they are proudest. We hung them from the ceiling. Here is a slideshow of their work. 

Slideshow:  MIT Healthy Living Student book jackets on " teenage stressors"




Juan Pacheco on Youth and Violence

Juan Pacheco shares his personal story—a journey from El Salvador to the U.S., from a supportive family to a gang as a substitute for family. He shares the power of love to transform violence and to liberate young people from despair, pain, and confinement within a prism of societal and self-perceptions of failure. Skip past the introductory speaker...


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