Healthy Munching Videos

Below you will see a collection of videos all about healthy eating and how foods are grown and processed... Enjoy!                                     ---Ms. Hollyman

Farmers' Markets

Did you know that in Vallejo you can have fun and buy fresh-from-the earth vegetables and fruits on Saturdays?Farmers markets are sprouting up across the country.  In this video,  farmer Nigel Walker, chef Bryant Terry, and others celebrate the joys of farmers markets. Where do you go to get fresh, healthy food? 



Supermarket Manipulation

Did you know that the minute you set food in a grocery store, you are being manipulated? Yep, that's right. Healthy fresh foods are placed far away and unhealthy processed foods are in teh center. 

Food and Family


SuperFood Battles Junk Food

Part 1

The Food Label & You!

Are you smarter than a food label?

Find out on our quiz show ... By the FDA

Alice Waters: Edible Education 

Chef and food activist Alice Waters rings in 42 years since opening Chez Panisse restaurant and relaunches the Edible Schoolyard Project, her groundbreaking food curriculum and school garden program. Here, she discusses the value of garden and kitchen experiences in transforming students’ relationship to food.

How Sugar Affects the Brain

When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and your brain all take notice. This activation of your reward system is not unlike how bodies process addictive substances such as alcohol or nicotine -- an overload of sugar spikes dopamine levels and leaves you craving more. Nicole Avena explains why sweets and treats should be enjoyed in moderation.

SuperFood Battles Junk Food

                     Part 2

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